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Curriculum Overview

Learning Expeditions


We call our units of learning our Learning Expeditions.  We take a journey into learning and explore the ideas, researching information to enrich our minds. 


We work on a two year rolling cycle across Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2.  Maths and literacy stay separate and each year group follows their specific set of objectives, but for history, geography, science and art etc the year groups pair up to work together, following the same unit of learning.  So Year 1 and Year 2 work together (KS1), Year 3 and Year 4 work together (Lower KS2). This year we are following Year B.


Year 5 and Year 6 are still working on stand alone Learning Expeditions because Year 6 have a very different journey during the year.  


Take a look at the documents below to learn a little more about what we explore through the year.  If there are blank boxes it is because we often leave a little bit of the plan out so we can tailor the learning to the needs and interests of the class, so we can't plan everything.  We also like to add new things each year - you never know what might come up in the news or other places around the world that we can link in to our learning.  We hope these overviews give you a good idea about the Expeditions but please do take a look at the class pages too so you can see the Learning Expeditions in action and  what the journeys unfold.