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Christian Distinctiveness

St James Church School

St James Church School values its Christian distinctiveness.

Our school logo reflects the symbols of St James.  The bible, the St James cross, and a scallop shell to show pilgrimage by the sea, reminds us that we are all taking our own journeys through life and learning, growing along the way.


Distinctively Christian values form the basis of the school’s ethos.  Take a look at our Promoting Values page to find out more.

Religious Education

Through the teaching of religious education we aim to promote the spiritual and moral development of the children, at the same time seeking to ensure that it promotes respect, understanding and tolerance for those who adhere to different faiths.

Religious Education in our school is in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus and reflects the teaching of the Church of England. A parent does have the right to withdraw their child from religious education if so wished.



Collective Worship

Collective worship is based around a programme of Christian values. These are promoted to the school through displays both in class and the wider school.

Opportunities for adults and children alike to have moments of awe and wonder are cultivated where possible.





During our busy day we all need time to stop and reflect now and then.

We gather together for whole school collective worship in the hall, and every classroom has a reflection area offering time to stop and think, as does our office waiting area.



Community Links

There are strong links between the school and St James, the parish church.

Reverend Fabian and Nicky Bradford hold regular Collective Worship in school and we are also very lucky to welcome members of the church community who run Explorers Club weekly.

In addition to this the school visits the church annually as part of the Christingle Service, Easter Service and Pentecost.

We also undertake visits to different faith buildings and welcome visitors to come and help children understand Christianity as a multicultural world faith and respect the diversity and difference within other faith communities.

As part of the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust our Choir has taken part in performances at Wells. Annually our Year 6 cohort attends a Pilgrimage day at Wells Cathedral as part of their Year 6 celebrations.





Ethos Committee

Our Ethos Committee comprises of local Governing Body members, school staff and St James Church members. They meet regularly to help monitor and guide our Christian distinctiveness.