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2020 Reception Starters


If you have a child due to start school in September 2020, you are very welcome to come along to our open morning or evening to have opportunity to see the school, meet the team and visit our EYFS classrooms. Our open events will be held on the morning of Tuesday 12th November at 10:30am and on the evening of Friday 15th November at 5pm. If you would like to attend either event, please phone the school for more information on 01823 272553.

Applications for Secondary School and Reception Class starters 2020


Parents can apply on line, and find further advice and guidance at:


or they can phone Somerset Direct for a paper copy of the application:

0300 123 2224


The closing dates are:

* For transfers to secondary and upper school or technology colleges - 31/10/2019

* For first admissions to primary school (reception 2020 starters) - 15/01/2020


If you need any help or advice, use the phone number above or come into the school office and ask a member of staff.

Application Information

In - Year Applications

If you need to apply for a place for your child during the school year, please download and complete the below form (Appendix B) and return it to the school office by hand, post or email (to ) and we will then process your application.  When we receive an application we are legally given 10 school days to review and respond to your application.  We can hold an accepted school place for your child for a maximum of six school weeks.  We cannot confirm whether we have a space for your child without receiving your application as class numbers can fluctuate.


Please note that if we are at full capacity and your application is refused, we do not hold a waiting list, however you do have the legal right to appeal against the decision.  This requires you to complete and return an appeal form, and set your case before an independent Appeal panel.  Appeals are governed by the 2012 School Admission Appeals Code, issued by the Department for Education and this is available at  You are encouraged to refer to this document before proceeding with an appeal.  The Admissions Authority will ensure that any appeal hearing takes place within 30 school days of receipt of a completed appeal form.


Admission form for in year applications to St James Church School

The Published Admission Number for entry to the Reception Year (PAN)


The admission number indicating the minimum number of places available in the Reception year is currently published as 60.


Children starting school for the first time in September (the ‘normal’ admissions round) will be admitted up to this PAN, without condition, in accordance with the School Admissions Code.


The Admissions Authority is entitled to increase the PAN at any time, where it determines that more places can be made available without prejudicing the efficient delivery of education or the efficient use of resources. Any increase to the PAN will be notified as an alteration to this statement.


Submitting your Admission Application Form or Appeal Form to the governors

Application forms and Appeal Forms may be posted or hand delivered to the school Office or submitted as an attachment to an email. Please be aware that: By submitting your Application or Appeal Form as an email attachment, you are effectively agreeing to the full terms of the declaration set out in Section 4 of the Application Form or Section 5 of the Appeal Form, in the same way that you would be if you signed the declaration in person. If you do not agree to this arrangement, please do not submit your application or appeal by email.

Proposed Changes to the Admissions Policy