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1st- 5th March


Friday 5th March 2021  

Active Time  


It’s an Andy’s workout for you today! 



For your phonics session today, can you:  

Can you play another game of tricky word bingo? Here is a reminder of your phase 3 tricky words:  

he she we me be was my you her they all are 

Can you look around your house today and see if you can find anything with the ‘ai’ ‘ee’, ‘igh’ ‘oa’ sound in. Can you write it down?  

Can you now go onto phonics play and play ‘rocket rescue’ for your phase 3 sounds! 

Now have a go at playing ‘Pick a picture’ for your phase 3 sounds.  




Here is the maths learning for today. We are on session 5, week 2 of building 9 and 10:  

Challenge: How quickly can you count back from 10, to 0? Get your grownup to time you to see how quick you are!  

Learning through Play 





Bug Club 


Please continue to read on Bug Club and play on the phonics games. 

Remember, once you’ve finished your new books you can read the ones in your library again! 


We are learning about Easter. Here is a link to a video about the Christian Easter Story  

To help us remember and understand the Easter story, you could make your own Easter garden, if you wanted to. Here are the instructions of how to make one. If you don’t have the resources to make one, don’t worry, you can explore the one we will have made in school next week.