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Teacher: Miss Lacy.
Teaching Assistant: Miss Thorne .

We are a Year 6 class at St James Church School.


Our Summer  topic  will be Good versus Evil . We will be learning about healthy and unhealthy lifestyles  and working scientifically to establish the affect of diet and exercise on our bodies. Please click on the link below to see our Curriculum Learning Map . 

Please note we will be completing these activities  after our SATs preparation and tests. 

Homework and Spellings

 Keep practising for the school spelling challenges. Regular learning  of spellings, reading at home and practising of times tables is part of year 6 homework and it is expected to be completed in addition to homework tasks brought home by your child . 

Forest School

This   half term Willow class will be taking part in Forest School  sessions with Miss Lacy.  Please ensure your child has their Forest School  kit,including suitable old footwear and a waterproof coat, every Friday afternoon.

It will also be useful for your child to have their  PE kit in school everyday. We will be  running the Golden Mile at least twice a week. Please make sure your child has a pair of suitable shoes e.g trainers.





Pilgrim Day 
Lollies for Lyn
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Investigating light and reflection

How much sugar is in your drink?

The children completed an investigation to see how much sugar was in their everyday drinks as part of their look at healthy lifestyles.

What do you think they found out ?

Of course the healthiest drink is water because it has no sugar. 

Science Week


As part of our learning expedition , Willow class looked at the composition of blood and created their own version using marshmallows, Orbeez, food colouring, water and sprinkles to represent the different components.

The Heart

We found out about the heart and the journey of a red blood cell around the body. We then made working models of the heart as a pump. 

SATs Week

Congratulations to all year 6 children for  completing their SATs papers this week.The children tackled the tests with a great attitude and it was pleasing to see so much of their good learning being applied.We are all extremely proud of each and every pupil. The children enjoyed starting their mornings with a shared breakfast, prepared by staff, and spending time with friends to support each other and celebrated at the end of the week with a trip to the park. We hope that in July, they get results they deserve and have worked so hard for.

SATs Reward

Willow class had a great time at the park celebrating the end of SATs week and enjoying a well deserved ice cream in the sunshine.

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Easter Prayers 

Willow class created Easter prayers for the Easter Service . Here are a few examples.

Forest School

Prepping the beds,ready for a bumper crop of vegetables.

Book Week 

Cookies and Smoothies for the Giant

Using our mathematical skills of measuring and scaling we made giant-size cookies and smoothies for the giants to enjoy.

Traditional Tales Performance - The Tortoise and the Hare.

Motte and Bailey Castles at Forest School

Castle Building
Battle of Hastings Re-enactment
Autumn Term Reading Reward 
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St James Church Christmas Experience 
Batik Re-usable Bags
Rainforest animal art using natural resources

Children in Need 


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Kilve Residential 2018


The year 6 children had a fantastic time at Kilve Court. They enjoyed activities such as abseiling, crate stacking and the stream walk , where they got very muddy. We are all extremely proud of the way the children challenged themselves and encouraged others throughout the residential, showing great enthusiasm and perseverance. A great time was had by all .

Rainforest Art
Rainforest Animal Factfiles
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Recycled Art Project 

We are collecting plastic bottle caps to use in an art project later in the term. Thank you to all parents and children, as so far we have collected over a thousand . Keep them coming !

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Washing and sorting the collected lids ready for our recycled art project
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National Poetry Day 

This week the children have been  emersed in poetry. We  have read poems  from authors such as Michael Rosen , Allan Ahlberg, Spike Milligan and A.F Harold and the children chose their favourite. We then focused on our class poem 'The Sneetches' by Dr Seuss. We divided the poem into segments,invented some actions  and practised ready for the performance at the poetry slam. 

Our Blissful World - written by a year 6 pupil.

The Sneetches by Dr Seuss

As a class we learnt the poem 'The Sneetches' by Dr Seuss . We had a great time performing our poem at the school poetry slam.

The Water Cycle Experiment

Collective Noun Posters

The children were challenged to create a poster based on their favourite collective nouns as part of their optional homework. Here are a few examples. How many can you think of ? 

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European Day of Languages

The children used their knowledge of various languages to teach each other how to count to 10 . We learnt French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish , Bulgarian  and Arabic to name a few.

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House Captains 
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Autumn Term


Children in Willow class have had a great start to the  term .Our topic  is 'Do our choices really matter? .We will be learning about  recycling, pollution , the rainforest and how the choices we make, can make a difference to our world. Please click on the link below to see our Curriculum Learning Map . 

Willow Class 2017/2018
Spelling Club 
PCSO Workshop
Roy Lichtenstein Inspired Art
Wells Pilgrim Day 2018
Science Week
During science week, the children learn about blood and its uses. We looked at each component and then created our own version of blood using pineapple juice ( plasma) raspberries (red blood cells), marshmallows ( white blood cells) and sprinkles (platelets). We looked at images of blood under a microscope and drew our own using different artistic techniques.

Summer Fair 

We had an amazing time at this years summer fair . Year 6 children helped to run 4 stalls : Stocks, Splat the Rat, Ice creams and the Raffle . Well done to all volunteers and thank you for all your help.A great success!

Royal Wedding Celebrations
SATS Reward

SATS Week 

What a fantastic  week! This week Year 6 have been focused on their KS2 Assessments  . They have come to school every morning with amazing attitudes and true growth mindsets. At the start of each day they have enjoyed a delicious breakfast and attacked the tests with determination and enthusiasm . Well done Willow class .We are so proud of each and every one of you !

Maths Enrichment Day 

Sports Relief Run

The children had a great , but slightly damp Sports Relief run this week . Some children even  reached distances of over 3 miles. Well done to all who took part.

Summer Term

We have a busy term ahead, with SATS preparation. The children are excited and cant wait to show off what they can do!

Our topic this term is Good versus Evil . We will be looking at Healthy lifestyles and the impact of diet and exercise on our bodies. Including an in depth look at the circulatory system and composition of blood. We will be working scientifically, conducting exciting  experiments and developing our knowledge of fair testing.

For further information  please see our Curriculum Learning Map. 

Summer Term Curriculum Learning Map

Spring Term

Willow class have had a great start to the spring term .Our topic this term is 'South America'.We will be learning all about the country including its climate,precipitation and wildlife as well as using our geographical knowledge and skills to research biomes and their features. 

Book Week 2018

As part of our Book Week celebrations,Willow class showed off their culinary skills.The children carefully planned, measured and created various goat curries, including Rogan Josh. Korma and Tikka. They had fun sampling their creations.
World Book Day was a big hit ! .The children dressed up in some amazing,authentic  traditional tale costumes and had lots of fun.
The whole school were treated to an amazing afternoon of traditional tale performances, as part of Book week. Budding actors and actress' from across Upper Key Stage 2, took part in a dramatic and sometimes comedic  performance of Hansel and Gretel. Well done to all involved.

Book Week Rappers

The children were transformed into rappers this week , as part of our  Book Week celebrations . They developed actions and performed the Billy Goats Gruff rap 'Fol de Rol' . 50 cent would be jealous of their rapping skills !

Building Bridges

Willow class were tasked with building a new bridge for the troll to live under, but there were some design requests.The troll insisted that the bridge had to be made out of everyday materials and it had to hold the weight of a tin of his favourite food, baked beans. Here are some examples of the children's amazing creations. 
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A.F Harold Visit

Wow, what an exciting day! Today the children welcomed the poet, A.F Harold, to school. He started the day with a hilarious assembly ,introducing the children to  some of his amazing poetry. Year 6 continued their learning with a workshop .This included writing their own nine line poems based on 'If I ran the school ...

Finishing the session with a reading of 'I Want to be a Wallaby', a Willow class favourite.


South American Topic

Rain Gauge Experiment

We have been comparing rainfall in the UK and South America . The children created rain gauges and measured the water levels at regular intervals. Luckily we had lots of rain and even some snow.  We used our data to create line graphs and compared them with the rainfall in Brazil and Chile during the same time frame.

Biome Collages

Willow class have been researching biomes as part of their topic on South America . This week we have been creating collages based on various biomes across the globe, including Tropical  and Temperate Rainforests ,  Grasslands, Tundra , Coral reef and Taiga.

Christmas Celebrations

Willow and Yew class told their version of the Christmas story at the school carol service .


The children had a visit from a Christmas VIP.


Gruel Tasting

In Willow class we have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty .It is a gripping story of one boys fight for survival in the Victorian streets of London.As part of this we have been learning about life in Victorian workhouses.As you can imagine the food was terrible and this week the children made and tasted gruel , which featured on every workhouse menu.

Kilve Residential

The children had an amazing residential trip to Kilve,they enjoyed activities such as archery, climbing,high ropes and an exciting night walk.

Electrical Circuits 

In Norman times,castles had guards on patrol to alert the occupants to enemy attacks.In science,we developed warning systems for 21st century castles using electrical circuits .



Motte and Bailey Castles 

The children  have been building Motte and Bailey castles as part of our Homes project.


The Battle of Hastings 

We have been creating our own Norman helmets, ready for our re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings . 


Autumn Term


Children in Willow class have had a great start to the new academic year.Our topic this term is 'Homes'.We will be learning about the Battle of Hastings,the Bayeux Tapestry and the Normans.

Please view our Curriculum Map below, which outlines our learning in each subject area for this term.

Thank you for visiting our class page.