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Meet The Team

The Leadership Team  
Headteacher Jason Eveleigh
Deputy Head Lizzie Allen
Assistant Head / Safeguarding  Lead / SENCO Fiona O'Connor
Nursery Manager Alice Tolen
EYFS Lead  Sylvie Barton
KS1 Lead Dan Slavin
Lower KS2 Lead Andrew Powell-Thomas
Upper KS2 Lead Jess Gudgeon
Business Manager Gavin Duenas
The Teaching and Learning Team  
Ash Class Teacher (YR) Georgie Yarde
Beech Class Teacher (YR) Sylvie Barton
Elm Class Teacher (Y1) Nicki Bassett
Holly Class Teachers  (Y1) Kat White / Becky Gibbs
Maple Class Teacher (Y2) Jessica Priddle
Oak Class Teacher (Y2) Dan Slavin
Pine Class Teacher (Y3) Madeleine Rumbelow
Poplar Class Teachers (Y3) Viorica Grigorescu / Sephi Williams
Rowan Class Teacher (Y4)

Nicola Forbes

Sorrel Class Teacher (Y4) Andrew Powell-Thomas
Sycamore Class Teacher (Y5) Emily Tucker
Walnut Class Teachers (Y5) Katie Dickinson
Yew Class Teacher (Y6) Jess Gudgeon
Willow Class Teacher (Y6) Jenny Lacy
PE / PPA Teacher  Lucy Ray
Safeguarding Coordinator Beth Ollive
PFSA Debbie Mason
EAL Lead Bryonie Coles
Speech Therapist Lizzie Davies
ELSA  Kay Maynard
ELSA  Charlie Hancock
SEN Teaching Assistant Mel Churches
SEN Teaching Assistant Jo Woods
SEN Teaching Assistant Joanna Hartholt
SEN Teaching Assistant Nicola Goodall
SEN Teaching Assistant Vicki Wager
HLTA Mandy Willcocks
HLTA Karen Harper
HLTA Amanda Deverill
HLTA Amanda Channon
Teaching Assistant Kirstie Ashley
Teaching Assistant Sarah Polley
Teaching Assistant Karen Lockyer
Teaching Assistant Avril Grave
Teaching Assistant Felicity Ssebugenyi
Teaching Assistant Emily Cobb
Teaching Assistant Elaine Thorne
Forest School Lead Chris Aldridge
Apprentice Charlene Passmore
The Nursery Team  
Nursery Manager Alice Tolen
Senior Early Years Practitioner Squirrels Lettie Fachini
Senior Early Years Practitioner Acorns Siobhan Duncan
Senior Early Years Practitioner & SENCo Emily Hewitson
Early Years Practitioner Lauren Jewhurst
Early Years Practitioner & EAL support Joanna Nowak
Early Years Practitioner Katie Pitman
Early Years Practitioner & Deputy SENCo Sarah Coles
Early Years Practitioner Kerrie Goodier
Early Years Practitioner Verity Cole
Early Years Practitioner Liz Dyer
Early Years Practitioner Annamaria Lauriola
Early Years Apprentice Daniella Norie
The Office Team  
Finance Officer Gavin Duenas
School Office Nickie Ward
School Office Dawn James
Nursery Office Vicki Goodridge
Office Support Lorrin Franco
The Lunchtime Team  
Lunchtime Supervisor Paula Riley
Lunchtime Supervisor Charlene Passmore
Lunchtime Supervisor Lynn Ramsey
Lunchtime Supervisor Tracey Wilkes
Lunchtime Supervisor Lorrin Franco
Lunchtime Supervisor Sharon Sealey
Lunchtime Supervisor Cara Woolgar
Lunchtime Supervisor Alice Northcote-Brewer
Catering Staff Doris France
Catering Staff Lynda Masters
Catering Staff Kerry Louisa
Catering Staff Claire Forward
Catering Staff Clair Davis
The Site Team  
Cleaner Diane Needs
Cleaner Lynn Ramsey
Cleaner Paula Riley
Cleaner Cara Woolgar
Cleaner Carol Escott
Cleaner Claire How
Site Manager John Millard
The Extended School Team  
Breakfast / Late Club Assistant Mandy Willcocks
Breakfast / Late Club Assistant Mel Churches


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