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What are we learning in Squirrels?


Welcome to Squirrels!



We love seeing what you enjoy doing with your children at home. It would be great if you could put one or two on Tapestry by adding an observation. This is a brilliant way to help the children to talk about what they have done, and really helps to develop their speech. If you are unsure how to add an observation, please speak to Mrs Tolen.




Celebrating our Learning

We now have a new Learning Tree, that has been made by Peter from Take Art, out of recycled materials. We have added photographs and leaves with written comments that highlight the things we are learning. Thank you for the leaves you have filled in at home to celebrate your child's learning! Please continue to add. smiley




The nursery now has its own telephone number 01823 282645 so you can come straight through to the nursery office. There is an answering machine for when there is no one in there.





While children are learning to count, and even before then, they are developing their awareness and understanding of number names. You can really support this at home by singing Nursery rhymes that use numbers:

  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs
  • 10 fat sausages


Please see the link a bit further down this page for a collection of Nursery rhymes you can listen to with your child online.





Nursery Library

Lots of the children have been borrowing books from the Nursery library, and enjoying choosing which book to borrow next! Each child has a folder with an index card - please write on this card which book you are borrowing, and then simply return the book when you have finished sharing it with your child. If your child has not yet started using the Nursery library, and you are unsure what to do, please speak to their Key Worker.



Please click on the picture above to listen to and watch stories from the Cbeebies story time site. After watching/reading stories with your child, you could talk about what happened in the story - what was your child's favourite part? Which character did they like the best? Was it a funny/sad/scary story?



We always enjoy lots of sensory play: making bread dough, shaving foam, pasta and pulses, water, sand and cornflour. This helps develop strength in our hands and fingers, and our hand eye coordination. 


It's really easy to make your own play dough at home! You will need:

2 cups of flour (any size cup will do - the bigger the cup, the more play dough you will have!)

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water.


Mix the flour and salt together. Add water and knead it together until it is the right consistency. Add more water/flour as needed.


You can then add whatever colours (food colouring) or flavours you like - cocoa works really well!





We are learning to develop our repertoire of Nursery rhymes and songs, so please sing along with us at home.






Click here for a link to a range of Nursery rhymes and songs!









Café Time

The children sit down in small groups with an adult. Children are encouraged to have a drink of milk or water, and to try a healthy snack. There are lots of learning opportunities at this time, which could also be developed at meal times at home:

Personal Social and Emotional Development: Taking turns and sharing.


Communication and Language: Chatting to friends and adults


Physical Development: Jugs for pouring, knives for chopping and spreading, trying a variety of healthy foods.


Mathematics: Using words like "more", "a lot", talking about size and quantity of different foods.


Exploring Media and Materials: Talking about textures and colours of different foods.





There is new signage on the electronic gates to remind everyone to keep the gates shut when you are in the entrance area so children don’t wander onto the road unaccompanied. This is for the children’s safety so please be vigilant.



Just a reminder that the nursery operates a no pay no stay policy so payment needs to made in advance by cash, cheque or on line via parent pay. If you would like further details please speak to Vicki Goodridge our Nursery Administrator. 



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