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What are we learning in Acorns?

Welcome to Acorns!



This half term in Acorns, we will have found out about our schools for next year! Therefore we are introducing Alfred the Mouse!

Alfred has been to all the different Primary Schools in Taunton and has pictures to show us all what our new classrooms might look like! 

If you would like to help your child prepare for school you can visit the website by clicking on the link below:


We are also looking at different sounds in words, such as Alliteration (when two words or more begin with the same sound). The children are listening to the sounds at the beginning of words, such as digging for the sound s, we found a sock, spoon and spoon!

We continue to develop our listening and attention skills to be as ready as we possibly can be to do our best at school. To do this, we have small group time, Funky Fingers, lots of singing and learning in our provision alongside our friends and adults. 


Please remember to use our Book Borrowing system. It is simply using our Nursery books as a Library! Take opportunity to do this whilst you can. Please ask your key worker if you need support using it- but once you begin, it is very easy to do!



Click here for a range of nursery rhymes we sing at Nursery!




We are using numbers and counting in everyday language in Nursery. Cafe is a time where children can sit and have time with an adult but we can also use lots of maths skills through this time as well.

We will be supporting children in counting in order to 10/20, picking out fruit from a group and counting each piece individually. 

We place numbers next to the fruit too to support number recognition and give children the chance to see the number and count out how many pieces they will need. 





Click the numbers above to play an underwater counting game!




Somerset Total Communication


We use a lot of sign language to help us communicate in the Nursery. Each week we have focus signs and these will be displayed in the cloakroom. If your child is using signs at home and you aren't sure what they mean, please come and ask us!




We enjoy weekly music sessions with Mr Rob Rawle and Mrs Joanna Nowak. In this session we are extending our repertoire of rhymes and songs. We also are learning to move our bodies in response to the rhythms of the music.




We also take a trip to Forest School every Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. Don't worry if your child isn't in on either of those days as we will try and fit it in when we feel children may need to go at other times as well. 

Forest School is a great way of learning outside, whether through drawing, collecting, climbing, being imaginative or making relationships. 




Acorns provision

Acorns provision 1 Painting sticks develops our fine motor skills!
Acorns provision 2 Counting, emptying and filling with conkers.
Acorns provision 3 We explored inside pumpkins &decided to fill it up
Acorns provision 4 Monsters in water, developing our speaking skills
Acorns provision 5 Interactive displays to support our number work
Acorns provision 6 Thinking about different types of weather
Acorns provision 7 Using tweezers strengthens our fingers/ hands

How we use the provision to help our learning...