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Take Art


This half term we are very lucky to have been given the opportunity to take part in the 'Take Art' project. This project is open to all of our parents who want to take the opportunity to come along with their child and join in with the workshop. We have an artist called Peter who has come in to lead and support us.

We hope that it can encourage and develop children's creativity, communication and language as well as their confidence- for example the children will be using a variety of tools such as drills and saws with adult support. 

We are really looking forward to how the children develop in different ways with their parents throughout the process and what creative ideas they come up with!


Week 1


This week we created sculptures from recycled materials. 




Week 2

This week we were exploring light, shadow and reflection. We created slides using glass paints, PVA glue and cellophane, and watched how the light from the projector shined through them.