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Severe Weather Procedures

EMERGENCY PROCEDURE - SEVERE WEATHER                                             2015/2016


Should very severe weather conditions prevail, I would be grateful if parents would observe the following procedure:


            1          The school will remain open at all times and children will be expected to attend                                        school unless:

            a)  You have previously been notified of school closure – we will text parents.

b)  Closure information has been posted under:

          - “Emergency School Notices” on Somerset Learning Platform through
            “Closure alert” on
          - on our school website         

          - on Twitter or @stjamessch

c)  Radio announcements have been broadcast, listing St James Church School specifically as being closed - tune in to BBC Somerset (95.5 FM 1566 AM) or Heart FM (102.6 FM or 96.5 FM) for details

d)  Children live too far and conditions are too bad even to attempt a journey


2          If in any doubt, and conditions are very bad indeed, please ring one of the following telephone numbers after 8.00am.  These are the numbers of parents/staff who have volunteered to act as messengers should it be necessary. We will endeavour to make a decision about school closure as early in the day as practical, ideally before 7am. PLEASE DO NOT PHONE THE SCHOOL.


Mrs Lawrence

01823 973293

Mrs Nowak

01823 284266

Mrs Deverill

01823 973680


3            After a period of closure, a message will be sent to the parents/staff above to advise them of the school’s reopening.  Messages will also be posted on Somerset Learning Platform and our school website.


            4            Should conditions deteriorate dramatically during the day, children will not be sent
            home unless accompanied by a parent or adult nominated by a parent.  The school will send
            out texts if this is the case.


5          It is unlikely that a prediction will be made about the day following a day of closure due to severe weather.  Every effort will be made to keep the school open and parents should ensure that children should attend.

If in doubt, please follow the procedure set out in 1 and 2 above.


Parents are reminded that they are expected to keep mobile phone numbers up to date at all times to ensure that text messages are received.